Undergraduate Study Program of Agroindustrial Technology

The Undergraduate Agroindustrial Technology Study Program is part of the Department Agroindustrial Technology, Faculty of Agricultural Technology, University of Brawijaya. This study program focuses on strengthening agro-industry which includes process engineering, systems engineering, engineering management, and the environment. The four pillars are the scientific basis for the Agroindustrial Technology study program which integrates agro-industry elements consisting of humans, materials, machines/tools, methods, finances, and environmental insight to achieving goals Smart and Sustainable Agroindustry. Agroindustrial Technology study prog is based on the Outcome Based Education (OBE) curriculum which refers to the engineering curriculum standard and be planned for students to take for 4 years study with a total of 144 credits. This curriculum is divided into 6 scientific sector, such as Industrial Management, Operations and Supply Chain Management, Computing and Systems Engineering, planning process and manufacturing, bioindustry and environment, quality system and standardization.

Graduates from the Agroinustrial Study Program are expected to be able to become agroindustrial engineering experts who are able to apply systems engineering, process engineering, management engineering, and information technology in designing, running, and evaluating smart green agro-industry; become technopreneurs who are able to manage and develop product innovations and sustainable agro-industry businesses based on local wisdom; become a professional with leadership character, global perspective, learning spirit, and able to work together in multidisciplinary and/or multicultural teams; and become individuals who have integrity, fighting power, adaptability, communicative, innovative, and intelligence in action (cognitive flexibility).

The competence of Agroindustrial Technology graduates consists of 4 elements, such as Attitude, Knowledge, General Skills and Special Skills with the following details.


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