Master Program

Agroindustrial Technology

Master Program of Agroindustrial Technology (MAIT) prepares students who are reliable to apply and develop aspects of technology, management, and engineering of agro-industrial systems. This study program obtained an operational permit with the Decree (SK) of Higher Education No. 1504/D/T/2007 and has been accredited with Superior with SK BAN-PT No. 9401/SK/BAN-PT/AK-ISK/M/VII/2021. The Masters Program of Agroindustrial Technology produces graduates according to the Indonesian National Qualifications Framework (KKNI) level 8 with a Master of Engineering (MT) degree. With directed learning, students are expected to be able to start careers as lecturers, researchers/engineers, policy analysts, operational managers, production planning and inventory control (PPIC) managers, waste management managers, Quality Assurance (QA) managers, and Quality Control (QC) managers.



Department of Agro-Industrial Technology

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Universitas Brawijaya

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