Student Organizations

Student Organizations


The Agro-Industrial Technology Student Association (HIMATITAN) was formed on November 21, 1998. This organization oversees all elements of Agro-Industrial Technology students in developing the professionalism of agro-industrial people. More information about HIMATITAN can be found at

Student Organizations

The following are student organizations in the Faculty of Agricultural Technology:
  • Intellectual Area
    • ARSC (Agritech Research and Study Club)
    • ESP (English Specific Purposes)
    • LPM TECHNO (Student Press)
  • Talent Area
    • AS (Agritech Sport)
    • UKM Seni (Art Student Activity Unit)
  • Advocacy Area
    • BEM (FAT Student Executive Board)
    • DPM (FAT Student Representative Council)
    • MPM (FAT Student Consultative Assembly)
  • Departmental Student Association
    • HIMATETAN (Agricultural Engineering Student Association)
    • HIMALOGISTA (Agricultural Product Technology Student Association)
    • HIMATITAN (Agro-Industrial Technology Student Association)
  • Spirituality Area
    • FORKITA (Agricultural Technology Islamic Study Forum)
    • PMK EFRATA (Christian Student Fellowship)
    • KMK (Catholic Student Family)
  • Entrepreneurship Area
    • ABC (Agritechno Business Centre)

Student Activity Units

In addition, there is a student activity unit at the Universitas Brawijaya level. For more info, visit

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