Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan

Compulsory Courses

Semester I
  • TPI61008 Drawing Techniques Download
  • TPI61009 Drawing Techniques Lab Work Download
Semester II
  • TPI62018 Agroindustrial Materials Science Download
  • TPI62019 Agroindustrial Materials Science Lab Work Download
Semester III
Semester IV
  • TPI62041 Information System and Technology Download
  • TPI62042 Information System and Technology Lab Work Download
Semester V
  • TPI61045 Industrial Project Planning Download
  • TPI61046 Industrial Statistics 2 Download
Semester VII
  • TPI61047 Agroindustrial Project Download

Elective Courses

Odd Semester
  • TPI61057 Bioremediation Download
  • TPI61058 Enzyme and Microbial Technology Download
Even Semester

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