Improving the quality or quality of education services in the Department of Agro-Industrial Technology, Universitas Brawijaya can be done by tracer study of alumni and graduate users. The tracer study just one at the university level, using the Alumni Information System and Tracer Study (SINATRA) application. Tracer studies to users can also be carried out online, using a form with the address

There are 3 stages of tracer study in Universitas Brawijaya and 1 stage of tracer for graduate users, that is:

  1. Exit survey: Submitted when students are about to register for graduation, to get lecture feedback.
  2. Pre-tracer study: Submitted to keep track of students after graduation.
  3. Tracer study: Submitted to record the traces of graduates after 2 years.

With the filling mechanism via SMS and Email Blast, Hotline, Collaboration with faculties and alumni, as well as Rewarding.

The results of the tracer study are used by departments and study programs to improve management, develop education and curriculum, improve service quality, as well as measure the success of alumni professionalism. More details, mechanisms, questionnaires, and annual tracer study reports can be accessed on website

Tracer Study Report


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