Quality Assurance Organization

Quality Assurance Organization

To run the quality assurance system at Department of Agro-Industrial Technology, Faculty of Agricultural Technology, Universitas Brawijaya, a Quality Assurance Unit (UJM in Indonesia) was established. UJM was formed with the basis of ISO 9000:2001, BAN-PT, and Pelayanan Prima. The organization members are shown below:

Manager Representative: Prof. Sri Suhartini, STP, M.Env.Mgt, Ph.D

Head: Vitta Rizky Permatasari, STP, M.Si

Secretary: Vindhya Tri Widayanti, STP, MP

Team Member:

  • Sakunda Anggarini, STP, MP, M.Sc, Ph.D
  • Wendra Gandhatyasri Rohmah, STP, MP
  • Arie Febrianto Mulyadi STP, MP

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