Research and Community Services Collaboration between LPPM UB, LPPM IPB, and LPPM of Malang State University

Institute of Research and Community Services – University of Brawijaya (LPPM UB) received a visit from Institute of Research and Community Services – Bogor Agricultural University (LPPM IPB) on Friday, May 13th, 2016 at Citrus Room, UB Guest House at 1-4 pm. In this visit, LPPM IPB would like to have a discussion on “Research and Community Services Collaboration” as the follow-up activities for the MoU between Bogor Agricultural University (IPB) and University of Brawijaya (UB). In the agenda, there was a discussion between LPPM who joined East-Java State University Group of LPPM with the theme: “Information Sharing and Discussion to Explore Cooperation as the MoU Following up between UB and IPB”.

Meeting Paguyuban LPPMThe meeting, which was opened by Rector of Brawijaya University, Prof. Moh. Bisri, together with Head of LPPM UB, Prof. Woro Busono, also discussed the activity of Student Study Service which was under LPPM UB coordination. Referring to this,

Head of LPPM UB Student Study Service Center, Dr. Susinggih Wijana presented materials on Thematic Student Study Service at University of Brawijaya related to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) on community empowerment involving national and local state-owned enterprises and private enterprises. The substance of CSR Thematic Student Study Service activities was intended to notice on both community and enterprises interests.

Hopefully, the collaboration could be continued to the agenda of cooperation between all LPPM in East Java State Universities with IPB supported by CSR.

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