Associate Professor Satria Bijaksana Supervised The BSAT’s Simulation for AUN – QA

Department of Industrial Technology Faculty of Agricultural Technology Universitas Brawijaya held a simulated assessment Asean University Network Quality Assurance (AUN QA) on Tuesday (16.08.2016) at the 8th floor Meeting Room of FAT This event brings assesor AUN-QA Prof. Dr. Satria Bijaksana from Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB) accompanied by Erryana Martati, STP., MP., Ph.D as Center Division of Accreditation for Quality Assurance (PJM) UB. Also attending the event were Dean FTP, Dr.Ir Sudarminto Setyo Yuwono, M.App.Sc. along with the vice dean, Head of the Department of BSAT, Dr. Sucipto, MP., Head of the Task Force and Head of BSAT Program S1, Mas’ud Effendi, STP. MP., Head of the Quality Assurance (GJM) FAT, Rizky Lutfian Silalahi, STP. MSc. along with the entire faculty, staff and student representatives.

In this simulation Prof.Satria confirms that honesty is the key. “This assessment is basically not find fault. But we memproofing self assessment has been previously reported. Of course the report Self Assessment Report (SAR) include advantages and disadvantages of each study program. So ladies and gentlemen, this assessment is basically to re-improve shortcomings shortcomings we become better. One of the AUN-QA agenda besides the document also visitation, when it arose as good as possible, but remember to be fair and candid. Honesty is priority. If indeed there is a shortage, we will find a thuoc cialis solution together. That’s the point, “said the expert Geophysical ITB is also an assessor this AUN.

AUN-QA (ASEAN University Network-Quality Assurance) is a program initiated by the ASEAN University Network since 1998. UB’s cialis kaina own incorporated as a member of AUN AUN QA QA since 2014. The main aim to harmonize and develop the quality assurance system to improve the standard of higher education in among the ASEAN countries. Ratings given by AUN-QA will give effect to the achievement of UB in the eyes of the world. (DSE)

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