KPRI UB is to Start Canteen Business

On the occasion of Halal Bi Halal and Mass Circumcision, Thursday 14 July 2016, KPRI-UB (Cooperative of Republic Indonesia Employee, Brawijaya University) also announced the development of its business unit, which is to open a canteen business. The development of this canteen business unit is prompted by seemingly high potential of canteen business in the area of Brawijaya University.

The chief of KPRI UB, Dr. Ir. Imam Santoso, MP also explained that starting canteen business unit for KPRI is an effort to develop KPRI’s potential and to support other KPRI’s business units.

“KPRI UB canteen in autonomous, but in the implementation we will follow the requirements, procedures and management system that have been applied by UB Canteen Team, by operating academic canteen which is halalan thoyiban (permitted or lawful according to Islamic sharia)” said Imam

Imam also said that later on KPRI UB canteen will have 6 booths that will start operating this September. In addition to KPRI-UB, third party is to manage the canteen, in accordance to the requirement.

On the occasion, KPRI also organized mass circumcision for 22 children from Village Ketawanggede and Betek and also some children of UB staff.

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