Chief of Canteen Team of Universitas Brawijaya Giving Award to Faculty of Medicine Canteen as the Healthiest Canteen

Canteen of Faculty of Medicine, Brawijaya University (FK UB) has been awarded as the canteen that meets most standards of sanitation, cleanliness and hygiene, as reported in official site

Conformity to the parameters showed by FK UB as well as good administration management have led an award for the canteen as 1st rank of the healthiest canteen. The award was presented by Rector of Brawijaya University, Prof Dr Ir M Bisri in Dies Natalis Brawijaya University, on Sunday, 20 December 2015.

The second place of the healthiest canteen has been for canteen of Library, followed consecutively by canteen of Faculty of Agricultural Technology, canteen of Faculty of Economics and canteen of Griya UB at the third, fourth and fifth places.

The cialis and sports performance chief of canteen team Brawijaya University, Siti Asma’ul Mustaniroh STP online sildenafil MP. said that the appreciation for the healthiest canteen was organized to encourage the realization of healthy academic canteen which is halalan toyyiban (permitted or lawful according to Islamic sharia) in Brawijaya University.

“The assessments are based on 3 parameters, which are the cleanliness of the sanitation, location and service; the hygiene of process and product; and the administration management. The assessment was done for 2 months from May to June” said Siti Asma’ul as cited by Public Relation of Brawijaya University

The judges are canteen appraisal team and Public and Personnel Bureau from head office of Brawijaya University. (

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