Vision and Mission

The vision of Agroindustrial Technology study program is to be the leading center of education, research, and community service in the field of agroindustrial science and technology with the insight of entrepreneur, nationally and internationally.

The mission of Agroindustrial Technology study program is to conduct education, research, community service, and disseminate science and technology in the field of agroindustry, to deliver graduates that possess skills and ability to do their tasks professionally with the attitude of entrepreneur and the basis of “Ketuhanan yang Maha Esa”, high morale, and Indonesian personality.


  1. Easy
  2. Accountable
  3. Friendly
  4. Informative
  5. Service Ethics

Starting smile, greeting and greeting

  1. Must use ID (identity card)
  2. Be polite and courteous to service users
  3. Not arbitrarily to service users
  4. It is not justified to provide smoking services or to communicate with mobile phones

Jurusan Industri Pertanian Universitas Brawijaya

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