2008 10 Became the Department with the best performance

2010 15 Became the Department with the best performance

2011 Master degree program  of Agro-industrial technology gained the accreditation of “B

2012 PS S1 re-accredited A (Download)

2014 The undergraduate program won the Competitive Grant Program with B2 Themes of:

Strengthening the Competitiveness of Agricultural Industrial Technology Program, Brawijaya University for Dealing with the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) in 2015 Through the Internationalization Program

2015 Magister degree program won the Competitive Grant Program for Quality Improvement Accreditation theme entitled :

Improvement of the Competitiveness of magister degree program of Agro-industrial Technology, through strengthening KKNI Based Curriculum and Institutional Cooperation to Enhance Reputation at the National Level

2015 The undergraduate program won Group Research Funding Grand under the title “Waste Bioprocessing

2015 The Doctoral program was accredited by status of “B”

2016 The Bachelor of science program was accredited by AUN-QA

Jurusan Industri Pertanian Universitas Brawijaya

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