Agroindustrial Technology (Indonesian : TIP) is a Department in the Faculty of Agricultural Technology (FTP) Universitas Brawijaya (UB). In its development, Department of Agricultural Technology as a forerunner to the FTP seeks to spur the development of the agricultural sector, especially the agricultural industry, by opening one study field interest in the form of study program (Indonesian : PS) Agroindustrial Technology (TIP) in 1983. PS TIP has been included in UMPTN (national test/selection for entering the national university) since 1984.

The establishment of PS TIP as a new PS took place on April 1, 1998 with the issuance of the Department of Education Higher Education Decrees (SK) No. 103 / Higher Education / Kep / 1998. With the issuance of Decree (SK) 012 BAN-PT / Ak-X / S1 / VI / 2007, TIP has been accredited with an A grade and regain that status ont the renewal, based on the BAN PT No. 051 / SK / BAN-PT / AK-XV / S / II / 2013. S2 (Master Degree) Study Program has been granted permission by the issuance of Decrees (SK) operational Higher Education No. 1504 / D / T / 2007 and has been accredited with a B by the issuance of Decree 022 / BAN-PT / Ak-IX / S2 / X / 2011.

In the development of doctoral education, the establishment of doctoral programs (S3) ofPS Agroindustrial Technology is still in the process of submission in accordance with Decree No. 234 / SK / 2010 dated 6 August 2010. While waiting for the process, the PhD degree of Agroindustrial Technology is operating under the Doctoral Program in Agricultural Sciences, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Brawijaya.

Jurusan Industri Pertanian Universitas Brawijaya

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